Amos Slade

Amos Slade

Amos Slade is a supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "The Journey". A hunter by hobby and an airplane mechanic by profession, Amos is a crabby old man who does have a soft spot for his friends, the Resistance Movement.

Amos plays the role of Cid Highwind in the fanfic, with his dogs serving as extras to him.


The Journey

Amos is one of the first characters that Mickey meets and befriends after arriving in Traverse Town. He runs an accessory shop in the center of the town's 1st District, which is right next door to his neighbor, Widow Tweed,'s charity home. At one point, Amos sends Mickey out to deliver an old, broken book—The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh — to Merlin. When Mickey and company return to Traverse Town with unusual gummis, he explains Navigation Gummis to them and offers to install the ones they find on their Gummi Ship. He turns over the accessory shop to someone else, and he begins selling Gummi Ship parts outside the synthesis shop. This reveals that Amos has a secret talent for air travel besides his usual huntin' man hobby.

Like Panchito Pistoles, Merlin, and other important characters met in Traverse Town, Amos was originally from Coruscant, more specifically the rural outlands for Amos. When Panchito, Jose Carioca, Horace, Clarabelle, and Clara Cluck depart to the Enchanted Dominion, he remains behind in Traverse Town, and seemingly becomes Princess Minnie's only guardian. After Mickey sealed Kingdom Hearts, he returns to his world.

Appearance and Personality

Slender, elderly, gray hair, mustachioed, olive green hat, orange coat, blue pants, black boots, gray jumpsuit. That's Amos' appearance in a nutshell, dagnabbit. Now buzz off! Amos is an old, crabby, grumpy, and bad-tempered man, though we do see somewhat of a softer side in his interaction with his two hunting dogs, Chief and Copper. Later, he showed remorse after Tod saves him and Copper from a dangerous bear sent by the Horned King.