Arges the Cyclopes

Arges of the Cyclopes

Arges Cyclop is one of the Ancient Ones, powerful god-like beings that existed during the early days of the universe, but were sealed away by the Cthonic/Classical Gods due to their great evil. Arges, in particular, was one of the Cyclopes. His name means "bright" and represents the brightness from lightning.

Ancient History

He is one of Gaia's children by Oranous. In fear, Oranous is said to have locked Arges, along with his brothers in Tartarus. They were later freed to fashion lightning bolts for Zeus during his attempt to overthrow Cronus. However, Arges, being the most stupid and arrogant of the Cyclopes, was easily manipulated by Cronus into joining up with him and the other Ancient Ones in exchange for freedom from Tartarus and a chance to serve him in the Titanomachy. In the end, Arges was defeated in combat and locked away once more in Tartarus with several other Ancient Ones allied to Cronus.


The Journey

After being freed by Hades from Tartarus, Arges was ordered to find and kill Hercules in order to make sure he did not fight in the war of Mt. Olympus. So, Arges went smashing through Thebes until Hercules reveals himself. Hercules had earlier made a deal with Hades that he would have his strength taken away for 24 hours, so the Cyclops takes his time beating him up badly. Phil comes to the rescue and convinces him that he doesn't need his strength to beat him. Just then, Arges picks Hercules up, deciding to finish him off by biting his head off. But thinking quickly, Hercules shoves a torch into his eye, blinding him and causing him to stumble around in pain. Hercules uses this opportunity to tie Arges' feet together causing him to trip and fall off a cliff screaming to his death.


Arges is a gigantic and obese cream-colored monster with a yellow eye, lavender lips, sharp fangs, sienna claws, and a red loincloth.


Arges, being the youngest of the three Cyclopes, is far more violent and less intelligent than they are. He takes delight in destroying buildings and beating up beings that are weaker than himself.


Every step the Cyclops takes causes a damaging shockwave. Stomp and Smash both involve the Cyclops causing a far more powerful shockwave, with its feet and fists respectively (similar to the Rock Titan). Boulder Rain has the Cyclops drop huge chunks of rock all over the arena. Like Cerberus, it has Dark Breath which will cause colunms of darkness to spawn under the party's feet. This is mainly a button mash fight - hitting its ankles will cause it to fall on its back, allowing Mickey to hit its head (again, just like the Rock Titan).

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