Black Manta

Black Manta

"Atlantis is the problem, and I'm the solution."

David Hyde, alias Black Manta, is an Enhanced villain first appearing in the Midway City campaign in Kingdom Hearts Unlimited: The Return of the Keyblade for a cameo role. Born with a rare disorder that left his skin extremely sensitive, only feeling comfortable when immersed in cold water, Hyde was mistakingly diagnosed with autism as an infant and spent most of his childhood in Arkham Asylum, the victim of multiple experimental "treatments" that only traumatized him. As an adult, Hyde became the violent criminal Black Manta, donning a high-tech diving suit in order to pull off heists in his beloved water. Though he is recruited into the Secret Society, he loathes working alongside other Enhanced, his childhood experiences having become an intense hatred for anyone he does not see as "normal," believing it is the natural order of things for society to mistreat anyone who doesn't fit in.


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