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    Venom (2018) campaign

    October 20, 2018 by Chernobog1595

    The plot is mostly the same except the first six months segment is excised, the Big Bad is Spencer Smythe, a leading robotics designer in charge in his own minor company division for Oscorp: Smythe Robotics; he is interested in the Venom symbiote because he believes it and a horde of other symbiotes that landed on Earth in a meteorite collision will be able to cure his son Alistair of his paralysis; Eddie has been in a major funk since he heard that his enemy Spider-Man was dusted by Thanos' Snap, on the one hand he and the symbiote now can't get revenge on Peter any more, but on the other hand Eddie still held some sort of friendly feelings for his bro and this shakes him up significantly. When the other Symbiotes that were part of Venom'…

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    • Mr. Toad:
      • shows up in cameo driving around Traverse Town 1st District
      • meeting in Third District House
      • part of the Resistance movement
      • shows up in Toontown campaign calling for Roger's innocence and freedom
      • took part in the battle of the Forbidden mountain by distracting Pete's weasel troopers.
    • Ratty, Moley, and Angus MacBadger
      • toad's friends
      • part of the Resistance movement
      • try to reign in Toad's more outlandish suggestions and manias
      • move to Storybrooke with many other Disney-Land inhabitants to hold down a fort in the Datascape.
    • Cyril Proudbottom
      • Toad's conscience/enabler/mode of transportation
      • a bit irresponsible, yet forever loyal and eager to help out his friend in a pinch
      • stayed behind in Traverse Town to protect Eilonwy
    • Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dorm…
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    Here's how I plan on setting up the Taran and Ellidyr storylines for the COM fanfic. You may discuss the options below.

    • The Land of Departure - the grassland fields of a once proud empire, where our heroes end up after they sealed the Final Door; the beginning of their new quest when NOS-4-A2 lures them into a trap with empty cryptic promises...
    • Castle Oblivion - the current hub world where both hero and villain alike stop after every world for a respite; NOS-4-A2 uses Guinevere to steal the powers and eventually certain memories from a few of our heroes, then sends them to their first world to get the basics on memory, card decks, and dueling.
    • Traverse Town - Illinois, 1909 - Lady and the Tramp - Taran's first new world, where he is confront…
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