The Alpha Beings were the guardians of peace and justice in the old eras of Earth long before Mankind existed. Consisting of 10 abstract concepts of the elements of magic, they served under the mighty Eru Illuvatar.  The Alpha Beings also included lesser spirits of aether and nature that usually served under the 10 higher entities as their aides and servants. However, the element of darkness, Chernabog, rebelled against the others and led a following of similar demonic beings in a revolt that destroyed most of the Alpha Beings and took control over the developing Earth. To this day, only a few Alpha Beings still exist out of the original 10, and their power has mostly been degraded to only a fraction of what it once was before.

However, their legacy has been since honored by the Classical Gods and the 5 Champions who succeeded them in governing the worlds long after the Ancient Ones had been sealed away in Tartarus.

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