Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is a major villainess in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and a member of the Hellfire Organization. She has not appeared yet in the original games, but appears here as the main villain of the Traverse Town analogue for the first installment, "The Journey". 

She is a wealthy, fashion-obsessed heiress who wishes to use the skins of 99 Dalmatians puppies for a fur coat.


Before Birth of A New Era

In Between Birth of a New Era and The Journey

The Journey

The Chain of Memories/Reversed Awakenings

An Empire of Dreams

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

Appearance and Personality

Slender, skeletal, pale skin, red lips and fingernails, shoulder-length hair that is black on the right side and white on the left, thick black eyebrows, teal eyelids, bulging distended eyes

Evil, sarcastic, ambitious, greedy, relentless, rude, reckless, psychotic, decadent, chic, egotistical, bipolar, short-tempered, cruel, ruthless, sadistic, glamorous, obnoxious


At first, Cruella is one of the few non-magical members of the Hellfire Organization, her only real skill being her business-dealing savviness and her inability to drive a car based on driving regulations. This changes when Maleficent is able to tap into the truest darkness and begins granting her followers powerful dark magical abilities for them to use in combat or for leisure. Cruella, in particular, is granted the power of Persuasion Magic. Channeling that power through the nasty-smelling green smoke of her cigarettes, persuasion magic grants Cruella the ability to compel animals. She uses this evil magic for a variety of purposes, such as controlling dogs to preventing bugs from attacking. A large exhale of Persuasion smoke can also be used to create an nigh-impenetrable forcefield around Cruella, as anyone who breathes in the smoke is immediately poisoned and forced to retreat to cure themselves.

Like most practitioners of dark magic, Cruella also has access to the Black Corridors, which allow her to travel between locations of her choice.


Precision KHD

The Precision Arrowgun

Cruella's primary choice of weapon is Precision, an Arrowgun stolen from Boba Fett's locker room. The body of the Precision Arrowgun is roughly diamond-shaped with short spikes on each of its corners. Its center is blue, its inner edges are black, and its outer edges are silver and grey. The barrel is straight and dark grey. The handle and guard, which is lined by six dark grey diamonds, each with black edges, are both silver. Its rounds are greenish yellow and the diamonds flash yellow when Cruella reloads. The sparks the bullets produce are green when they strike an enemy, but gold on contact with anything else.

"Precision" refers to extreme accuracy and effectiveness in carrying out a task; Cruella's aim is portrayed as being extremely precise.

Boss Strategy

Boss Theme: Squirming Evil (1st Battle), The Encounter (2nd Battle), The 13th Struggle (Third Battle)

Cruella is fought in an on-rails boss battle involving Mickey standing on the back of a truck with Cruella pursuing in her car. Try to use the reaction command Stop to keep her from ramming the truck (the truck has only 1 ½ HP bar). Occasionally, she'll summon Darkhearts and use magical powers for Thunder attacks. Beware the bombs she throws - they do massive damage, but can be reflected back at her to damage her car.