Dark army by chevsy-d4pme3c

A regiment of Elite Dark Warriors

Dark Warriors are the elite soldiers in Chernabog's army of darkness. They are normal humans who have been seduced by the promise of dark power in exchange for allowing themselves to be bonded to black and purple synthetic body armor. Dark Warriors are created by Chernabog through making a deal with a young adult and then implanting a shard of his heart within their being in order to better prepare them for their eventual transformation into a suitable vessel for himself.

Oswald and Julius Mouse are two of the more obvious Dark Warriors due to their dealings with Maleficent and Emperor Palpatine. During the Keyblade War, Dark Warriors were the primary force used by Lord Chernabog and the Ancient Ones against the Realm of Light.




One of the Nazgul, top ranking Dark Warriors in Chernabog's army of darkness

A Dark Warrior's armor consists of a form-fitting suit that appears to be made of black muscle tissue.

The black fades to red around the wrists and comes with purple gloves that are tucked under the suit. The suit has a purple-blue color on the chest and part of the torso with the Darkheart emblem on the chest. It has purple feet and shins that fade into black legs. It has a dark purple belt and a cloth around his waist, opening in the front. The cloth is an off-white color that fades into dark purple and is ripped all around at the bottom.

By contrast, the Wraithling variation is colored in various shades of blacks and reds rather than blacks and violets, a distorted version of the Wraithling insignia appearing on the chest rather than the Darkheart insignia-like emblem. The Empty Shell variation uses the same suit but in black and white instead of black and red.