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The Dragon Huntsman

The Dragon Huntsman, otherwise known as the Huntsmaster, is the current leader of the Huntsclan and an ally to Judge Claude Frollo in the Order of the White Rose for the events of "Encoded Truths" and "Return of the Keyblade". Like Frollo, he shares a desire to rid the worlds of corruption from magical creatures, but will use magic itself as a means of beating them.

Background Information

The Huntsman, sometimes referred to as Huntsmaster by his subordinates, was the leader of the Huntsclan, as well as the main archenemy of Jake Long, rated by the Dragon Council as the fourth greatest threat to the magical community. He was an extremely bitter man with an absolute deep hatred toward all magical creatures, especially dragons, believing them to be freaks of nature.

Extraordinarily ruthless, the Huntsman was obsessed with killing magical creatures and had no problems with killing any normal humans he would consider as "traitors" who got in the Huntsclan's way, or even allies with magical creatures, even going so far as to disposing of his own subordinates if they failed or betrayed the Huntsclan. Once he threatened a student with death in a stern warning never to betray the Huntsclan, and is also shown forcing failing students to fight an imposing monster known as the "Krakken".

The Huntsman's personality is normally menacing and level-headed, and he is seldom shown losing his temper or displaying strong emotions other than hatred.

The Huntsman has an intimidating stature. His fighting skills are superb; he has impressive agility and acrobatic ability, as well as nearly superhuman strength and durability, even able to punch through a brick wall, another time was barely phased by being slammed headfirst through a metal elevator door, and even yanked the elevator pulley out with his bare hands in a fit of rage. Nonetheless, he left most of the physical work to his apprentice, Huntsgirl, and limited his role in a fight to firing energy blasts with his staff weapon.

Ironically, despite the Huntsman's generally serious behavior and performance, he was often defeated in comical fashion; such as being defeated by Jake's flaming flatulence. another time, Jake went back in time and embarrassed the Huntsman in front of his peers.

While the leader of the Huntsclan, it was discovered other members of the Huntsclan held "Huntsmaster" ranks similar to his own.

After the death of Frollo and the downfall of the Order of the White Rose, the Huntsman sought out Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows, seeking further training and new allies for his misguided crusade.

Appearance and Personality