Symbol of the White Husks

An Incorporeo (不自然), also known as an Empty Shell (ノーバディ), is what remains of the bodies of those who have lost their heart-souls to the Dark Side of the Force. The first generic Empty Shells are seen in An Empire of Dreams; although Zurg appeared as early as The Journey, it was unknown that he was an Incorporeo. They are made up of body and soul, technically making them a sort of Zombie.

All Incorporeo types are named after job classes in the Final Fantasy video game series as well as the various types of Stormtroopers found in the Star Wars Saga.

The Incorporeo emblem resembles a splintered, upside-down heart. It originates from Darth Vader's memories of the Mark of Mastery symbol, which are inherited by Zurg. The symbol first appears in The Chain of Memories, where it marks the names of sleights used by Dominion members and the Replicas, as well as the body of the Spectre.