Fat Cat

Fat Cat is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "Return of the Keyblade" as a crime lord operating out of the shadows of the newly rebuilt Traverse Town, and allied to the Hellfire Organization.


Personality and Appearance

A felonious grey tabby cat and one of the Rescue Ranger's most frequent antagonists, he was introduced as the pet of the nefarious underworld crime lord Aldrin Klordane. Though Fat Cat presumedly respects him, he continues his life as an independent agent and animal world crime boss after Klordane's incarceration.

Inordinately proud of his appearance, Fat Cat keeps his whiskers clean. When in the presence of humans, he displays very catlike traits (albeit a tad on the pompous and pampered side), but when with other furries he wears a purple business suit, and has a taste for expensive things. He is a ruthless criminal mastermind, and his plans, though sometimes bizarre, are nevertheless dangerous and sadistic. Fat Cat hates dogs and several of his schemes have been attacks against them. The only thing he hates more than dogs are the Rescue Rangers, which he always tries to get rid of using an elaborate and slow method, rather than killing them immediately. The complexity of his plans usually ends up being his downfall. He has a cousin who lives in Paris, France.