Goofy (KH)


George "Goofy" Geef is one of the major protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, reprising his role from the original games, only given a much larger role to replace the Square-Enix original characters which gained a much larger role in the original games which overshadowed Goofy to a considerable extent. Now here in this series can Goofy's time to shine emerge.

Goofy is one of Mickey's oldest friends, having been that way since they were but children. Like his friends, Goofy dreamed of being a great warrior within the ranks of the royal Musketeers of Disney Land, with the added goal of eventually rising up their ranks to become the new Captain of the Guards once Pete retires from that role. However, when Disney Land is destroyed, Goofy is forced to accompany Mickey and Donald in looking for Princess Minnie and their lost friend Oswald in a very long journey.

Despite eventually becoming a royal musketeer in Captain Pete's employment, Goofy dislikes using weapons (instead using a simple shield in combat) and attempts to avoid fighting whenever possible, preferring to find peaceful solutions to problems. Though simple-minded and clumsy as always, and constantly the butt of comic relief, Goofy is the constant voice of optimism and, surprisingly, selectively perceptive, often noticing things others miss and keeping his cool when Mickey and Donald lose it. He comes off as the sage of the group, despite how he is portrayed in the Disney cartoons.


Appearance and Personality