Governor John Ratcliffe

Governor John Ratcliffe is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and a member of the Order of the White Rose, first appearing in "The Journey" in a cameo role before making his full debut in "An Empire of Dreams".

He is a faithful ally to Judge Claude Frollo, but does not share his religious extremism. Rather, the only thing that he seems to care about is gold, which he believes that if he acquires enough, he will become extremely wealthy, which will possibly place him on the same social status as his ally. However, the other members of the White Rose Order don't share in his avaracious optimism and just refer to him as "a pathetic social climber", even though he has much in the Order's heirarchy as General of the Templar Armada.


Before Birth of A New Era

(Backstory, based on real life version)

Between BoANE and The Journey

(His rise to power, his alliance with Judge Claude Frollo)

The Journey

(A cameo role with the other White Rose Order members to discuss the threat of the Hellfire Organization and the Horned King upon the worlds)

Between The Journey and An Empire of Dreams

(What led to the Jamestown expedition, and his secret deal made with both Pete and Dominion XIII)

An Empire of Dreams

(Reprises role from "Pocahontas", with assistance from Darth Maul and the resurrected Savage Opress, then assists other White Rose Order members in battling Dominion XIII in final battle)

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

(His alliance with Order of the White Rose broken after the events of the Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Return of the Keyblade

(Reprises role from "Pocahontas Journey to the New World" with mention of cutting ties with White Rose Order and instead allying with Queen Nehelenia, then is bailed from prison by Hades)


He's obese, long black hair tied up in 2 short pigtails with red ribbons, briefly mustachioed at the bottom of his mouth, thick black eyebrows, lavender eyelids

(in his traditional form): Rose long-sleeved shirt with a long V-cut neckline, crimson coat with both lavender collar and cuffs, black linings on his both front vertical edges and waistline, and slits at the bottom of it, crimson keen-length pants, blue medallion with a gold center topping it all off, lavender calf-high socks, black colonial boots, red cape, crimson colonial hat with a blue feather on its black band. In his imagination and at the King's ball, he wore a golden version of his uniform with a red medallion.

(in his battle form): Black iron battle armor suit with gray trimmings


Like most villains, Ratcliffe is very power-hungry. He is unbelievably greedy, as evidenced by his insatiable craving for gold, which would make him a very wealthy man. He is also highly xenophobic (even for the period in which he lives), ruthless and incredibly manipulative. While he exudes great confidence and gives the impression of being rather vain, Ratcliffe in fact seems to take a rather dim view of himself, admitting in a rather sad tone of voice that he has never been a popular man. This, in addition to the fact that his fellow members of the court consider him a "pathetic social climber", making him a sympathetic character in spite of his villainy. His mission to colonies the Native-Americans is his last chance to make a name for himself. Ratcliffe's lack of self-esteem stands in contrast to the egomania of most villains, making him somewhat unique. Despite his self-confessed lack of popularity, Ratcliffe seems quite charismatic and commands the respect of his troops until the end.

Similar to Frollo, Ratcliffe actually believes that he is a good person and refuses to find fault in himself. He believes what he does to be in the name of the crown and even goes as far to call John Smith a liar, sees the land he found as his own, believes what Pocahontas told Smith to be lies and even calls his own men traitors at the end. He also believes himself to be powerful as he threatens his men that he will have them hanged or executed when they turn on him at the end.

Unlike most villains Ratcliffe is calm and collected for most of the series. For example, when John Smith tells him there is no gold in Virgina, Ratcliffe, rather than lose his temper, insists stubbornly that it is a 'lie' and will hang anyone who refuses to shoot an Indian. However, he does get flustered at times but is easily calmed.

Ratcliffe is also sarcastic as he 'praises' John Smith for saving Thomas which implies he is actually disappointed that Thomas didn't drown. In "Return of the Keyblade", he flirts with Pocohontas at the ball and mocks about John's death sarcastically.

Ratcliffe is also somewhat lazy as he just slouches off eating food like chicken while the settlers including Thomas, Ben and Lon do all the work digging for gold. He also lets his men finish setting up camp in the rain while he keeps bone dry in his tent.


Boss Strategy

Boss Music: Vim and Vigor (1st Battle), The 13th Dilemma (2nd Battle)

Ratcliffe (Hellfire Form)

Governor Ratcliffe, with Guardian Kocuom - by Hellraptor