Hydros, the Punishing Glacier

Hydros is one of the four Catastrophes, elemental-based Titans in servitude to Chernabog. Due to his physiology as an ice elemental, Hydros' powers consist mostly of Blizzard magic. It is Hades' intent to free him and the other Catastrophes in order to use their power to conquer Mt. Olympus for the Hellfire Organization.


Appearance and Personality

The Ice Titan is a gigantic, emaciated, humanoid being that is, true to his name, composed entirely of ice. He has fairly long arms that end in clawed, four-fingered hands. His icy ribcage is always visible, and his upper back is lined by tall spikes. His head is rather small in comparison to the rest of his body. His blocky mouth is filled with sharp teeth, and his eyes are small and barely visible. He has a spiky crest decorating the back of his head and cheeks. His upper legs are very thin, while his thicker lower legs are frozen to the ground, forcing the Ice Titan to constantly break and regenerate them to walk.

During the Age of Chaos, Hydros was the quiet one of the four Catastrophe Titans. He did not often rely on his physical strength, and usually used Ice-based Echthros to perform his work as opposed to getting personally involved like the other three Titans did. Because Hydros' nature was to avoid combat, he ended up being the last Titan to actually confront Zeus and the Olympian Gods during the Titanomachy. This tended to lead the other Titans to think that Hydros was not very strong in general and that he was even incompetent. Despite slight shunning from his brothers and sisters, Hydros was always respectful of them, especially with Pyros and even more with Stratos. He was shown to tease the younger Lythos on different occasions.

Despite his dislike for fighting, Hydros was implied to be very intelligent, and when he used his cyrokinetic power, he was capable of brainwashing someone simply by looking at them and speaking to them.