Kron is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and the primary antagonist of the Cretaceous Wasteland storylet in The Fantasmic Dreamtime.

He is the leader of the herd that he is taking to the Nesting Grounds. He is stubborn, imperialistic, selfish, and a bully. He believes in survival of the fittest, regardless of whether it's a nameless member of the herd or his own right-hand dinosaur, Bruton. 


The Fantasmic Dreamtime



Kron is a hard line no-nonsense leader. Believing heavily in survival of the fittest, he feels no pity for members of the herd who die along the way to the nesting grounds. The exception is his sister whom he genuinely cares for; however he often doesn't listen to her, and even ignores his sister's advice. While he seems cruel, he's actually the closest to real animal behavior of all the speaking dinosaurs in the movie. Most herds will willingly let the sick, old, and the weak be taken out by predators; this will both save the healthy members from injury, and will help the species on the whole.

Attack Patterns

Kron's attacks are predictable but very powerful. His most basic attack is Thumb Stab, which is a swing with his hand which carries a large thumb spike. Charge involves Kron charging around the arena, ramming Taran. Using Guard at the right moment will stop the attack and temporarily stun Kron. Tail Swing is a hard to dodge, but not very dangerous. At times, Kron will rear up to do Smash, a powerful attack which causes a large shockwave. As his HP runs low, Heartless will start appearing around him and attack Taran.