Mok Swagger

Mok Swagger is one of the main villains of the Second Trilogy of the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, hailing from the non-Disney world of Ohmtown.

An aging rock star and cult priest of the Great Evil's worshippers, Mok seeks to finish what Emperor Palpatine started by releasing the Ancient Ones from their prison in Tartarus and disrupting the balance between light and shadow in the favor of Chaos. To do this, he has founded the villainous Nightbreed Organization to scour the worlds with Unversed at his command.

Mok is currently aided in battle by the powerful Sith Lords Darth Caeudus and Cinder Fall. He trusts them well enough with his life, but little does he realize however that the two may be letting on more than they know...


Before Birth of A New Era

The Second Trilogy

Appearance and Personality