Neimoidian Guards

The Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion, also known as the Royal Guard, was a Separatist military unit created by the Separatist Council of the Confederacy of Independent Systems to provide important officials with sentient guards when it was too risky to use droids that were vulnerable to centralized deactivation.


Birth of A New Era

The Neimoidian Guards are under the employ of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious during his initial attempts to conquer the universe through the forging of the Christ-Blade. They are dispatched to aid his world allies in capturing the Keyholes for his plans, but they are easily disposed of by the combined efforts of the Jedi Knights. Still, they prove to be no more challenging than the swarms of Wraithlings sent to back them up from time to time.

The last surviving members were eventually slaughtered by Sidious' reincarnation of Darth Vader during the battle of the Keyblade Graveyard when he felt he no longer needed them nor the rest of the original Separatists under his employment.

Return of the Keyblade

The Neimodian Guards are later reinstated by Sidious to provide muscle to his rapidly growing Imperial Army forged from an alliance of many evil alien races under his thumb.


The battalion comprised of Neimoidian warriors who wore distinctive bronze armor that mimicked an ancient beetle-knight design of the Neimoidian Royal Guard from a pre-industrial era and carried blaster rifles or battle staffs mass-produced for use during the Clone Wars. These guns loosely resembled the shape of older powder-based weapons. They were also known to wield Weequay blaster pistolsonboard Trade Federation vessels. The snipers wore the same armor as that of the warriors, but the uniform was colored a bottle-green. Commanders' armor and battle staves were silver, and bore the symbol of the Confederacy of Independent Systems after its formation.

Some members of the battalion were recruited from the lower levels of Neimoidian society, and criminals and mercenaries alike were promised pardons for their crimes and riches beyond imagining in return for their service. Others were raised from childhood to be above bribery, making them strangely noble and selfless for Neimoidians. Certain troops were given their own offices on board CIS battleships.

Others were taken a step further, as seen in the warrior brutes. Chosen from the most cruel and violent members of the guards, these hulking giants were genetically modified against their will to create the brutes' brutal mindset and hulking figure. They were so dangerous to both enemy and ally that they were only activated in extreme situations. Armed with a heavy vibro mace, the brutes were a slow yet intimating tank against most enemies.