Nuke/Will Simpson

William Frank Simpson, also known as Nuke, is an Enhanced vigilante-turned-terrorist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "Encoded Truths" as the secondary antagonist in the Kilgrave hunt campaign on Midgard-616, before reappearing in "Return of the Keyblade" as one of Johann Schmidt's HYDRA super-soldier minions for a period of time until he regains his mental faculties and sacrifices himself to try and warn the Defenders of his far stronger replacement Blood Jewel.

Will was a former police officer who was brainwashed by Zebediah Kilgrave into one of his many purplings to get back at Trish Walker for insulting him on her radio show. After having his Purpling essence exorcised by Jessica Jones and Future Jim Hawkins, Will became obsessed with tracking down and killing Kilgrave for what he did to him, going so far as to re-enlist with Weapon X's front organization IGH to undertake experimentation and become a super-soldier to have the strength needed to eliminate the Purple Man by any means necessary, sacrificing his sanity and his heart in the process.


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