Prince Olympius

Prince Olympius in all his myriad forms

Prince Olympius is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing for a cameo role in "The Keyblade Wars" as the newly hatched Impus, before making his full debut in "The Journey" as his fully grown form of Olympius, one of Maleficent's elite demon generals in the Hellfire Organization.

The youngest son of the Old One sorceress, Queen Bansheera, Olympius was born in captivity during the fall of the Lands of Legend, though he only reached maturity in the modern era after being freed from Tartarus alongside his caretakers and siblings. He serves his mother faithfully and loyally, having access to fire magic because of his draconic lineage. Olympius eventually allies himself with Maleficent and her forces in order to retain good standing with Bansheera, who begins to view him as just as expendable as the rest of the demonic brood.



The Keyblade Wars

(seen in a cameo alongside all the other demons being sealed away in Tartarus by Revan using the broken Christ-Blade)

The Journey

(first seen as little Impus during the first villain meeting, is later aged up to adulthood around Prankster's Paradise following Diabolico's failure in Agrabah; teams up with Ellidyr, Oswald, and the Psycho Rangers to kidnap the Princesses, then battle our heroes at the entrance hall of the Forbidden Mountains; is turned into a dragon by the Horned King and forced to do his bidding)

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

(teams up with the Seekers of Darkness to trap Taran and use him as a vessel for reviving their master Darth Sidious)

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Boss Music: Squirming Evil