Pyros, the Molten Inferno

Pyros is one of the four Catastrophes in servitude to Chernabog's power. Due to being a lava elemental, Pyros' abilities stem from Fire magic. It is Hades' intent to free him and the other 3 elementals from Tartarus in order to use their power to conquer Mt. Olympus for the Hellfire Organization.


Appearance and Personality

Pyros is a hunchbacked mass of lava and molten rock with glowing yellow eyes.

During the Age of Chaos, Pyros was very arrogant and haughty, and very contemptuous of humanity, much like his twin brother, Stratos. Unlike Stratos, however, Pyros was not very gung-ho about his mission, and his laidback attitude resulted in many fights with Lythos, whom he always ended up being paired with on missions whether he liked it or not. Pyros loved to tease all of his siblings, which led to arguing between Lythos and Stratos. Like Stratos, he seemed to have some affection for Hydros, and had normal conversations with him. He also tended to be a bit of a glutton, always wharfing down on food to satisy his always hungry stomach, much to Stratos' displeasure.