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Queen Narissa Charme of Andalusia is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, being one of the original conspirators behind the forging of the Separatist Alliance, before striking out on her own and eventually become the Sovereign of Silence in the ranks of the True Dominion XIII.

She is the ruler of Andalusia, Spain, who wishes to remain as the kingdom's only reigning party by eliminating any potential threat to her power. Eventually, she teamed up with several other dissenting politicians and sorcerers to found the dreaded Separatist Alliance in order to challenge the rule of the Republic.


Before Birth of A New Era

Narissa Charme was once a girl of royal blood that only dreamed of her own happy end. After all, if you live in a land where most stories for princesses end with a happily ever after, you'd want that as well for your own. On a good day in the middle of Spring, her parents, high-ranking nobles from Cordoba, came to an agreement with the king and queen of Andalusia to have Narissa marry their son, the young prince Charles. Excited beyond all normal belief, Narissa hurried to Andalusia to meet her prince and soon to be husband. As her heart pounded harder, she immediately found herself let down by the fact that Charles didn't give her much attention as she had originally hoped.

Even at the best urges of Charles' parents, he wouldn't be swayed closer to Narissa. Even at their wedding, he demanded that they would have a split room. Narissa started to feel depressed and alone with little to no friends in her new home, those friends mostly being her closest servants that worked closely by her each day, the main one being the bumbling coachman Nathaniel Alfonse, who shared an equally loveless infatuation with her. To the young princess who once dreamed of an endless happily ever after for herself, it seemed as though she was destined to remain in a loveless marriage with no happiness in sight for her...

But the worse was yet to come.

For on a bright sunny day, ironically on the first anniversary of her wedding with Charles, when Narissa was taking her daily walk across the castle gardens, she spotted her husband with one of the maids... that he affectionately kissed. The maid, as it turns out, was where Charles' heart had truly been pining for all this time, and it was his union with her that would one day bear fruit in the form of the future Prince Edward. Her heart shattered to a million pieces by this shocking development, Narissa at last came to realize that all her naive dreams had been nothing more but a cunning nightmare laced with lies and deceit. As she hurried into her room to cry her pain away, a voice came to her.

It was small, helpless, and pitiful, but it was wise beyond its apparent capabilities as it seemed to know everything that had happened to Narissa from her birth to that very moment. Though she couldn't get a glimpse on where it was coming, Narissa nonetheless stopped crying and chose to lend an ear to the voice's sympathetic offer.

With an increasingly smoother and deepening tone, it told the young princess that a happily ever after was so close within her grasp, but it would only come to pass if she would follow its one little request. And Narissa, confused and heartbroken beyond repair, asked what that request was. This was the voice's reply:

"It’s really quite simple. Open yourself to the darkness. That is all. Let your heart, your being become darkness itself."

No one knows what really happened afterwards, but when she stepped out of her room, the kind and gentle Narissa was gone forever, replaced by a now increasingly vengeful and sadistic maniac freshly injected with a lifelong dose of dark energy to provide her with all the help she'd ever need for herself. She quickly used her new powers to take over the castle, transfigure her servants into twisted mockeries of demonic countenance to ensure their loyalty, and torture her now-former husband until he was torn apart and then eaten by Narissa herself, who had at that moment unleashed her new self in the form of a bloodthirsty dragon.

Now in full control over the kingdom of Andalusia, Narissa immediately proceeded to lock up the maid who stole Charles away from her in the dungeon, and had Nathaniel keep watch over her until the time would come of her to give birth; then she would take away her newborn stepson and raise him to be her puppet king on the throne. It wasn't until a few days after the setting up of her tyrannical regime that Narissa was visited once more by the voice, now changed into a deep, harsh, and utterly vile demeanor. It congratulated her for accepting its advice and unleashing such wonderful chaos into her world, but it reminded her that more work was to be done if she was to ensure future success. The now arrogant queen at first refused, seeing as she had finally accomplished her life long goal of a happily ever after, but the voice quickly quashed that rebellious streak by flaring its monstrous true source in shadowy splendor.

Declaring itself as Chernabog, the Keeper of the Fires of Hell, the dark force warned her not to test his anger, unless she'd be asking for a death sentence and subsequent endless torture within Tartarus. Narissa thus changed her tone and agreed to Chernabog's demands, which were to go to the Enchanted Dominion and approach the one known as Maleficent for a deal he had in mind for both of them...

Birth of A New Era

Between BoANE and The Journey

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

Return of the Keyblade

Appearance and Personality

Slender, beautiful, fair skin, rosy cheeks, red lips, black hair with curly strands, brown eyes, teal eyelids

(in her Queen form): Purple off-the-shoulder dress with a heart-shaped neckline (that shows her breast cleavage), long sleeves, high matching collar with black hem, and black lining from her breasts to the very bottom of her skirt, both black Gothic-style shawl and gloves, silver tiara

(in her hag form): White hair, careworn face, black robe Vain, dark, gothic, murderous, manipulative, truly evil, selfish, devilish, ruthless


Shapeshifting, Electrokinesis, Dark Magic, Water Communication


Grim Muscari KHD

Narissa's Grim Muscari Scythe

Narissa wields a large, elegant-looking Scythe in battle. The handle of the Scythe is sickly white in coloration, and the blade is a dark indigo.

Boss Strategy