Mirage the Queen of Evil

Sekhmet Mirage

Sekhmet, otherwise known as "Mirage", is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga. She is one of the Ancient Ones, a race of godlike beings that existed in the universe's early days and caused chaos and anarchy across the worlds just for the fun of it, and one of the few members not sealed away during the Titan-Keyblade Wars that came at the tail end of both the Age of Chaos and the Lands of Legend.

Her first appearance in the Modern Day is in "The Journey", where she is approached by the Horned King following the opening of the Final Keyhole to unleash her unique brand of chaos upon Agrabah, and then to assist the lich in delaying Taran and his friends from stopping his plans to open the Door to Tartarus.

She later appears in "Return of the Keyblade" as one of several antagonistic presences in the Agrabah campaign, allying herself with Solego to set up plans for the future of that world just in case Sa'Luk failed to defeat the Keybearers during the quest for the Hand of Midas.



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