Stratos, the Eternal Storm

Stratos is one of the four Catastrophes in servitude to Chernabog's power. Due to being an elemental of wind, Stratos' main abilities are of aero magic. It is Hades' intent to free him and the other 3 Catastrophes in order to use their power to conquer Mt. Olympus for the Hellfire Organization.


Appearance and Personality

He appears to be a tornado with glowing red eyes and a red mouth. Being composed of air, Stratos has the ability to use his head or arms to suck objects up.

During the Age of Chaos, Stratos was stubborn, short-tempered, and haughty. He held a great deal of contempt for the people of the Lands of Legend and, sometimes, even for his own brothers and sisters. In particular, he got into arguments with Pyros every time the two of them worked on a target together. Although he appeared to be particularly fond of Hydros, since the two of them were usually able to talk calmly together, this was possibly due to the younger Titan's use of flattery; Hydros, unlike the other Catastrophes, never mocked Stratos for failure even when he had the opportunity. Despite the fact that he almost never went on a target run, he believed that he was the best Titan and would be the one to rake in the glory from Chernabog's benevolence.

Stratos did not take rejection well and would often show his anger in various ways, even with the slightest bit of failure. Compared to Pyros, with whom Stratos often worked, Stratos was rather forceful and scornful, and therefore did not attract as many targets as Pyros could with his natural gift of persuasion.