Friends on the Other Side

The Friends on the Other Side

The Friends on the Other Side are evil Loa on the dark side of voodoo religion. They are amongst some of Chernabog's fellow Ancient Ones. The demons help Facilier as long as he keeps his promise to give them the souls of New Orleans residents.

One of the masks (a large, pink and green mask with long black horns that face downward) seems to be the leader of the demons, as the others look to it for guidance and approval. The mask also serves as a portal to the "Other Side", which is believed to be Hell. It provides Doctor Facilier with his voodoo hayacall, it releases the Shadow Demons from its mouth and it sucks Facilier inside it when the hayacall is destroyed.


The Journey

Thanks to his bumbling sidekick Lawrence, frog Naveen has escaped, leaving Facilier to ask for help from his friends. They grant him Shadow Demons to obey his every command and capture Naveen. They head off into the Bayou and find pieces of a balloon with Naveen's scent. Some of the demons caught Naveen and began to head back to their dark master until they are destroyed by Mama Odie. Later on, when Tiana and the others return to New Orleans, the demons are able to capture Naveen. Back at the city, Naveen escapes yet again and manages to give Ray the firefly the talisman used for Facilier's plan, resulting into the demons resuming their work. They are halted by Ray, who battles the demons with ease until he is killed by Facilier. The other demons follow Tiana, who now has the talisman but she soon destroys it, just before she is taken away to Hollow Bastion as part of the plot to gather the 10 Princesses of Heart. The demons then turn on Facilier and drag him via his living shadow into the voodoo world, the demons vanish as well in a flash of light.

The Friends later appear in the Realm of Darkness as some of the many demons summoned by the Horned King to kill Mickey and the Keyblade Gang. They, like the other dark forces, are slain by the light of Kingdom Hearts and vaporized into ashes.

Appearance and Personality