An UrSkek

UrSkeks are amongst some of the most ancient beings formed in the Realm of Light, characterised by their tall, luminescent appearance, psychic abilities, and collectivist society. The UrSkeks are responsible for bringing forth new hearts from within the depths of Kingdom Hearts itself, and it was only by the intervention of a few UrSkeks, those would later be known as SoSu, ZokZah, and UngIm, that Michael Mouse was able to survive his heart being divided through bonding with a soon-to-be-born heart then unknown even to the UrSkeks.

The UrSkeks were once the angels/choir singers within the court of the Alpha Beings, until the revolt of Chernabog forced them to retreat and flee to Thra for safety from the coming war.


  • SoSu - The Master
  • SilSol - The Chanter
  • UngIm - The Healer
  • ZokZah - The Ritual Guardian
  • TekTih - The Alchemist
  • ShodYod - The Numerologist
  • OkAc - The Scribe
  • NaNol - The Food Herbalist
  • AyukAmaj - The Cook
  • EktUtt - The Weaver
  • LachSen - The Monk
  • MalVa - The Archer
  • VarMa - The Peacemaker
  • GraGoh - The Wanderer
  • LiLii - The Story-Satirist
  • HakHom - (Unknown, killed by Mistress 9 during the War of Heaven)
  • SaSan - The Swimmer
  • YiYa - (Unknown, killed by Mistress 9 during the War of Heaven)
  • EerEm - The Informat
  • CruCar - The Mariner
  • SimJal - The Star Cartographer
  • AyionZon - The Storyteller
  • RalAt - The Carpenter
  • TalRon - The Artisan
  • ZounVal - The Shaman
  • ZolSeh - The Healing Herbalist
  • ZahrRemh - The Land Cartographer
  • SelhLenh - The Historian

Appearance and Personality

The urSkeks were tall, upright beings with a light of inner beauty which would turn dark when angered. They had powerful psychic abilities, being able to telekenetically construct edifices and heal injuries.

UrSkek culture, which the Fallen urSkeks themselves claimed to be "ageless", was rigidly collectivist, with deviant behaviour deemed "heresy", and punishable by exile. The urSkeks percieved space and time as essentially triangular, and this was reflected in their art and architecture.

Little is known of the urSkek homeworld, other than the fact that it was "far beyond the farthest star", that it was born of a crystal like Thra, and that it vaguely resembled the Castle of the Crystal's Hall of Reflection. Other than the urSkeks themselves, the planet was inhabited by Garthim-like sea creatures.