Vandal Savage 2520

Vandal Savage

Vandar Adg, alias Vandal Savage, is a major antagonist planned to appear in future Earth-Prime campaigns in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited series. Born into the Blood tribe nearly fifty thousand years ago, Vandar Adg was captured and experimented on by a Kree scouting force and exposed to the Terrigen Crystals, giving him immortality and a wide range of superhuman abilities. Contacted by fellow Kree experiment Alveus Hive, Vandar helped found the Brotherhood of the Spear, the Inhuman cult that would one day become HYDRA. Through the centuries, Vandar has advanced the cult's agenda both by taking other identities and by backing human tyrants, including Julius Caesar, Oda Nobunaga, and Napoleon Bonaparte. As Hath-Set, he oversaw the events that led to Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt becoming the first incarnation of Hawkman. He even briefly masqueraded as the pirate Blackbeard.

In the modern era, Vandar, now known as Vandal Savage, opened relations with Mok Swagger and the Nightbreed Organization, giving them access to Earth-Prime's resources. He has also helped Lex Luthor and the Secret Society in their conflicts with the League of Shadows, despite his old friendship with the League's leader Ra's al Ghul, having known him since the days of the Brotherhood of the Spear.


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